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Off-road Equipment

If you wish to get away from roads and find your own path through the nature then the requirements for your vehicle and especially its reliability increase accordingly. Off-road cars need special solutions, which you can find right here.

Extra lights

Why: nobody wants to stumble around on a dark landscape.

When driving where no roads go, the light provided by the car itself becomes especially important, so you can pick the best path through the nature. Special truck and off-road floodlights help with that.

Manufacturers: KC LitesPIAAWARN

Differential locks

Why: because you’ll want to come back from the nature, too.

In off-road driving, not all wheels are guaranteed to contact the ground at all times, so no differential locks virtually means not going anywhere. TOP Parts offers special pneumatically locking off-road diff locks and mechanical locks for open axles.

Manufacturers: ARBLock-Right / PowertraxAuburn Gear

Front bumpers, side pipes, steps

Why: less worries when off-road, and better looks all around.

An off-road car needs to be protected against contacts with the landscape and other natural objects, and these accessories make the car look better as well.

Manufacturers: Dee Zee, Grizzly, Smittybilt , METEC

Winches, jacks

Why: to help yourself or others in a pinch.

If someone needs help or you get stuck yourself, a simple winch can do more than several hundred added horse powers.

Manufacturers:  ComeUp , WARN


Why: to change a wheel or get off a stump.

If a high-clearance off-road car blows a tire, only a special jack can lift the body even higher to change the wheel. And if you have no winch, a car sitting on its belly in some sandpit or on a stump somewhere can get moving only after being lifted high enough.

Manufacturer: Hi-Lift


Why: better going, better looks.

It is clear as a day that normal shocks get into trouble fast when going off-road. A car’s ability to traverse the landscape depends a lot on its ground clearance and a long stroke of its shocks; besides, the shocks and body lifting series provide the car with a much more serious look.

Manufacturers: RanchoTrail MasterExplorer Pro CompWARNSkyJacker , Omix-Ada (ainult Jeepidele)

Off-road tires

Why: again, better going, better looks.

The right choice of tires is perhaps even more important in off-roading than in drag races, as here the tires are not just shaving some tenths off the quarter mile time – they are what gets you through some places at all. The traction of a special tire grants you good going and security of the ride, not possible with a normal tire.

Manufacturers: IntercoMickey Thompson


Why: the possibility to use tires of required size, and looks.

Rims different from the factory standard provide a car with some originality; they are also lightweight and sometimes indispensable if you want to use off-road tires with larger than usual sizes.

Manufacturers: American RacingCenterlineCragarWeldEagle Alloys

The rest

The items above are the most common off-road parts. The section for performance parts is also a good place to look for engine, transmission and chassis parts as well as accessories because many of the companies named there offer special items for off-roading as well. The product range of TOP Parts is actually wider than what is listed here; you can get more details about all we offer by calling us on +372 678 1888, by e-mail  or with a query from our website.

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